Bringing a comedy channel to life


Sex and comedy are the 2 most searched content for videos on the net. Yet the lack of comedy channels that combine various comedy genres are few and far between in India. Time to bring in the Comedywalas in other words.


We identified our core audience, young, urban aspirants, who seek ‘happy, unhurried spaces’ as an anti-dote to the serious side of life. Comedywalas’ brand voice of 'DIMAAG KO KARE HALKA' (taking the load of your head), became the basis of its visual language.


In India, surnames are often associated with trades, industries or even places e.g. Lokhandwala, Motorwala, Daruwala, Bombaywala, to name a few. We looked for, and found, a common symbol for someone who makes you laugh.

Bringing the Brand to life

Once we identified the 'red nose' as an identity maker for Comedywalas, it became the platform on which we built the identity as well as the visual language of the brand. The project straddled Brand Identity, Graphic Design and Broadcast Design, to create the Comedywalas world.

Channel Idents