Contact Center Company

Putting customer experience at the heart of a new brand


CCC was formed out of a JV between Aegis Ltd. and Saudi Telecom Company. The resultant entity created a giant company with all round capabilities to deliver world-class outsourcing and technology solutions for the Middle East (and complementary regions). We were tasked with evolving a brand identity and visual design style that was global yet captured the regional identity and aspirations of the brand.


Customer experience is the defining factor that not only helps bring new clients but also creates stickiness that leads to brand loyalty and a band of customers who become advocates of your brand. Through our strategy process we evolved a Brand Core of ‘Every Experience Counts’. This powerful brand core at once captures the real value that CCC creates for its clients, i.e. managing and delivering seamless and great experiences for the clients’ customers.

Identity design that is as versatile
as the experiences we create

We created a powerful design language that gave the brand a fresh, dynamic, and versatile palette. The scope of work mapped and built design interventions for all areas of the customer journey. This is a true labor of love for us with a lot of rigor and immersion going behind understanding, and then delivering solutions with cross-border implications.