Giving identity to a champion of the under served


Fullerton India is one of the largest NBFCs in our country, and when they came to us to launch a housing finance company (HFC), we were excited. Excited not just because the creative challenge was high but also because they wanted to help a large cross section of people who find it difficult to get housing loans ordinarily.


Strategy led to a simple discovery, at its heart, Fullerton Grihashakti would be a HFC that would ‘find a way’ to help those who came to them. So we evolved ‘iraada hai, toh raasta hai’ as the start point of the creativity process.


For the identity, we looked for symbolism that would reinforce the core values of the company. The result was a distinct, vibrant identity that acts as a differentiator when used across various communication and design opportunities.

Bring the Brand to Life

The project scope covered Strategy, Naming, Identity and Graphic Design templates. We have evolved a visual language that is unique and gives the brand an interesting platform to engage with a wide cross section of audiences.